Mrs. May Caplin

Member Board of Directors

I was five when I lost my mother, so I always wondered how it felt to have one. So I thought having my own children would give me a feel of mother/child relationship which I missed out. Hence starting a family at a young age. I looked after my young siblings together with my children. I always sympathized with orphans and children who were disadvantaged in society. When my sister brought the idea of setting up a children’s home in Uganda, I supported her because I felt that that’s how I could offer help to those disadvantaged children

Although my academic qualifications are not related to childcare, I was exposed to children’s welfare in my various jobs. My first job which was with the Ministry of Culture & Community Development in Uganda. This Ministry, among its duties, was concerned with the rehabilitation of misbehaved children. There I got involved with the research into the causes of the children misbehavior. Research revealed that most of these children who misbehaved were not growing with their mothers. In my second job with the Commonwealth Secretariat in London where I worked for over 30 years, I was involved with various projects some of which entailed child/youth support. I worked with a Commonwealth Youth Programme which was tasked with the promotion of youth empowerment through education and training, expanding employment opportunities and increase participation in decision-making

I have a wealth of knowledge & exposure which can benefit SAFE into advancing its objectives
My academic qualifications
Secretarial skills
Project Management skills
Dip in Economics, Open University, Luton
BSc in Social Sciences, Open Univ, Luton

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