After losing their dear mother, they always wished to stay with their grandparents.

With fears and discomfort at their father’s house who had married a second mother.

Ronnie and George walked to look for their grandparents,

On their way, the young ones got stranded on the way with many roads around them wondering which one to take.

God was so merciful to bring a good Samaritan who took them to the police and from the police SAFE Transit home was called to rescue these children.

Here they are, starting a new life in a transit home


Time came for these little ones to take us to their home village

Guess what happened at Nsagu!, Step mother, neighbors were so bitter for what these children had done, they imagined how they moved from police to police looking for them. OOHHH the step mother swore never to stay with these children again.

We had to come with “our children” back to the transit home.


Thank God their father and grandfather endeavoured to come to the transit home the following day, so we could find a way forward and a safe place for these children.

Finally, their dream came true, assessments were made and they were reintegrated with their maternal grandparents.

See how happy they were, after knowing they were going to stay with grandee.



Thank you supporters of SAFE for making this end successful.




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