About Us

Our History

SAFE Uganda was founded in 2006 to address the child abuses that seemed to escalate in spite of a number of organizations working in the field of child protection in Uganda and government initiatives like the enactment of the 1996 children’s statute to protect children. In particular, founder members were very touched and spurred into action in 2006 when the case of Nabukeera a young girl of 14 who was allegedly burnt by her step mother only came to light when her mother failed to get financial support from her father.


Sensitise children, their carers and the general public about child abuses and the laws enacted to protect children as well as working with other Organisations with similar objectives to further our aims and lobby the Government for transparent, user friendly child protection procedures and guidelines.


Upholding children’s rights and preventing child abuse in all its forms both within and outside the family home and to build a society that value, listens and guides children appropriately.


Keeping children within their families

SAFE agrees with the assertion that children are best cared for within their families but will not compromise child safety therefore where initial assessment indicates that a child or young person is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm if they remain where they are, we will house the child in our Transit home with the intention of conducting further assessment to determine best long-term care option for them.

Working with others

We believe in working with others for better outcomes and as such, we value the contribution of other NGOs and strive to make partnerships with those with similar objectives to ours so we could pull resources and learn from each other.

Listening to children

We agree that children should be listened to and this value is embedded in all our work practices for example, we give the children we care for space to air their opinions in one to one sessions with their carers. Also when we conduct awareness forums, we make sure that children participate and give feedback about what they have learnt, how they intended to put this in practice and what they think would have made the forum better delivered.

We feel that it’s imperative that children know what to do when abuse does occur, where to go for help, who to tell. We therefore signpost them to Organisations within our umbrella organisation SAUTI (116) where they can get support tailored to their needs.

No discrimination

We recognise and respect other peoples values but we do not compromise our own therefore we will not affiliate with people or organisations whose values conflict with ours but we do not discriminate on grounds of race , religion, gender, disability, age sex or sexual orientation.

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